ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK「無限の住人 / Blade of the Immortal -IMMORTAL-」

2020.8.19 Release


1. Founding 開闢 ─かいびゃく─
2. Song of the Bugs 蟲の唄 ─むしのうた─
3. Wing Roots 羽根 ─はね─
4. Animal 獣 ─けもの─
5. Dream Pangs 夢弾 ─ゆめびき─
6. 100 Spectacular Dances 焉舞百景 ─えんぶひゃっけい─
7. Massacre 鏖 ─みなごろし─
8. Twilight 誰そ彼 ─たそかれ─
9. Ten Final Pushes 十掉尾 ─じゅっとうび─
10. Amendments 改起 ─かいき─
11. Unending 霏々 ─ひひ─
12. Banshee’s Cries 鬼哭 ─きこく─
13. Ceremonial Bond 儀結 ─ぎけつ─
14. Fall Frost 秋霜─しゅうそう─

Bandcamp 「Memory of Future​/​Cellist Under The Influence」

2020.4.25 Release

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“Memory Of Future” was made for the exhibition at Mandakou,Kumamoto of the photographer HIsao Takagi who was also a coal miner.
I made it using the sounds of the coal mine.
“Cellist Under The Influence”was made for the cellist Francesco Dillon.
Live performance recorded by NIcola Evangelisti on sept.11 2019 at Museo del 900 Milan,Italy.

01. Memory of Future
02. Cellist Under The Influence

6th Album 「The Dream My Bones Dream」

2018.7.4 Release
PECF-1155 felicity / Drag City

1. Prologue: Hands on the Mouth
2. Agloe
3. Iron Veil
4. Silent Scrapbook
5. A Ghost In a Train,Thinking
6. The Dream My Bones Dream
7. Tunnels to Nowhere
8. To the East
9. Epilogue: Innisfree

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